Painting Star Wars Rebellion: Rebels part 2

This is the continuation of my big Star Wars Rebellion paint project. In the first part I painted X-Wings and Y-Wings and I continue the pattern of different colors and base layers. Again thanks for some ideas from dockingbay416. I hope I can fill in the gaps, where he did not have any notes any more.

Rebel Transporters

So dockingbay416 did not have any notes any more and mentioned it took a lot of time. Well, I took notes, and it turned out to be pretty fast. I start with white priming. Nuln Oil into the crevices. Cover it with Citadel Contrast Skeleton Horde, the last I try Citadel Contrast Aggaros Dunes. For some camouflage I take VMC US Olive Drab and put some watered layers on some of the panels (painting from top to bottom). On the elevated panels I put VMC Golden Olive – from top to bottom when the base is still the Dunes color, from bottom to top when it is already Olive Drab covered. On the Dunes one, I put thinned (watered) Citadel XV-88 layers on some side panels (painting from top to bottom), and then mix it with VMC Flat Yellow and highlight the elevated panels (bottom to top). Then going for almost pure yellow, and add highlights.

The engines I paint with bright blue (Citadel Caledor Sky).

Left most is the one with Aggaros Dune

Ion Cannon

I painted three different kind of cannons: one for snow (primed in white), one for rock and one for woodland (primed grey). For all I put Nuln Oil into the crevices.

The Snow Cannon: I cover the whole with thin Citadel Contrast Apothecary White. That was a bad idea as it not only gave me structure (yes) but also sticked grey on the flat areas of the upper sphere – well, back to layering highlights with VMC Cold White. Before I do this, I start some lining out the crevices with thinned VMC Pale Blue (greyish very light blue), then add a tip of Citadel Caledor Sky to it and do some highlighting. Then I do some layering with thinned VMC Cold White starting around the middle height (at the back) and almost at the bottom at the front of the sphere towards the actual cannon.

The next two will be the „Forrest Cannon“ and the „Rock Cannon“. Both are primed in grey. I want to give the sphere some volue and therefore I start now with some layer work, imagining that the light is coming from the direction where the cannon is pointing to. So I start with (watered) Citadel Eshin Grey at the lowest point of the sphere and pull it up to the middle. The next layer is then (watered) Citadel Dawnstone and then finally VMC Sky Grey and a final touch of white.

The Forest Cannon: After the volume, I put Contrast Wyld Wood on the base, then I tone the upper part with AP Strong Tone. Back to the base I do heavy stippling with VMC Olive Drab imagining plants growing from the rock edges towards the top. I then do some layering/edge highlighting with light grey (VMC Sky Grey) on the edges and on surfaces pointing to my virtual light. Finally, I go over the places where I had Olive Drab with a little less stipling of VMC Golden Olive. To get fancy, I put some glue on top of some rocks and put a drizzle of gras on it.

The Cannon in the Rocks: I put my brush into water and start a full cover with thinned Space Wolves Grey. Then dry brushing with a dark grey (Citadel Eshin Grey) and then dry brush with a lighter grey (Citadel Dawnstone) around the base. Then I do some stipling with Eshin Grey around the flat areas of the base. I then start with some faint highlights with a grey lighter than Dawnstone – I took VMC Grey Pale. Then for some more vibrance I mix 1:1 US Olive Drab and Dawnstone and do some stippling around where I imagine some Hens and Chicks could grow on.

For all of the cannons I then paint the actual cannon in black (any one, or if you have take Citadel Contrast Black Templar).

From left to right: The Forest Cannon, The Snow Cannon, and the Cannon in the Rocks

Shield Generators

I also want to have similar types like the Ion Cannons. So one is primed white, the remaining two with grey.

First step, I paint with a thin brush some Citadel Contrast Talassar Blue (or a take a bright blue) into the opening of the circular elements. If you go over the edge I use the thumb to smear it off. There remain some blue stains, but I will now go and do some layering.

Using the grey colors described for the grey primed cannons (Eshin Grey, Dawnstone, Sky Grey, White). Then I put Nuln oil over the one grey, then AP Strong Tone on the second grey, and Apothecary White on the white primed. The latter one the final step is white layering.

They really follow the same approach like the Ion Cannons.

From left to right: Snow, Forrest, Rocks

Mon Calamari Cruisers

I had a hard time to find interesting pictures in the web. So, I decided they should a) be different b) similar colour scheme like the rebel transporters.

First step is I put Citadel Nuln Oil in the crevices. Then I try to add some volumes by putting Citadel Eshin Grey under the cruiser and to the sides of the bigger elevevation. I then start highlighting this with VMC Grey Pale on the sides and towards the top. Then came the individual colors: I have a set of olive greens I use: VMC US Olive Drab, VMC Golden Olive and one brown Citadel XV-88. I also mix that brown with the Golden Olive to get my fourth color. These I take to create spots that have 3 different strokes of 3 different colors. I always go light to dark and put them here and there. Finally, I make them look dirty by using Citadel Nuln Oil on one, on the other AP Strong Tone and on the last Citadel Contrast Aggaros Dunes.


Where do I have my notes???

Usually, I try to write up shortly or even during painting, but here I forgot. They are primed in white and then toned down with Citadel Nuln Oil. I then took black and painted several items that I deemed to be guns or generators – looking at a reference picture I found. The color highlights are from left to right: VMC Red, VMC Intermediate Green, Citadel Caledor Sky, VMC Flat Yellow. So, maybe you want to refer to dockingbay416 😉

Rebel Soldiers

I want to have squads of different colour themes. One greenish, one khaki, one with blue and grey, the other one inverted (black, blue, grey) and the final should like like pilots just fighting like soldiers so they get orange „jump suits“.

Faces : I want to have different tones of teint. So I use Citadel Kislev Flesh, Citadel Cadian Fleshtone, AP Leather Brown and Reaper Rosy Highlight to paint faces. For all the faces I then mix up a lighter version (using either the Rosy Highlight or White) and put highlight dots on the nose and cheeks. Later I cover all the faces with AP Soft Tone.

Desert Squad: I take Citadel XV-88 and put this between the legs and the arms. I mix VMC Flat Yellow into it and paint the remainder of the arms and legs. With AP Oak Brown I cover the west and the the shoes with AP Leather Brown. Some of the begs on the legs and vests I paint with VMC Cavalry Brown. Over all this I put a glaze of VMC Natural Wood Grain (transparent light brown). The shoes I cover with Citadel Contrast Snake Bite Leather. The helmet, antenna straps and weapon I paint with a black. Base: I first paint it with XV-88 (any brown left from the palette) then cover it thickly with AK Light + Dry Crackle Paint. Cover that with Citadel Contrast Aggaros Dunes.

Base Squad: They should look like the soldiers fighting on Hoth within the base. So this is going to be a mix of black/grey pants, black/grey/blue vests and grey/blue shirts. The helmets are gonna be black. I usually shade the inner thighs and under the arms dark and then work towards a lighter color. For the blue i take Reaper Ritterlich Blue, Reaper Cyan Blue and VMC Sky Grey, For the black just black and drybrush VMC Sky Grey, for the grey I use VMC Dark Sea Green, VMC Blue Grey Pale and VMC Sky Grey – all of the shirts I tone down with a thinned down blue wash (Citadel Drakenhof Nightshade) The weapons are black (any black or Citadel Contrast Black Templar). The boots are either black or AP Leather Brown – the latter than toned down with a brown wash (or Citadel Contrast Snakebite Leather). The base: I paint it in black then with AK Crackle paint – the cracking did not work – maybe not enough paint. The 2nd squad I use super glue and some sandy gravel stuff from outside, this I then paint with a thinned (VMC Thinner) mix of Wood Grain and VMC Natural Wood Grain.

Camouflage Squad: I put a basic layer of VMC US Olive Drab on the legs and arms. I mix a 1:2 VMC Dark Sea Green and US Olive Drab and put it into the shadow. I then mix a greenier olive with VMC Intermediate Green and the previously used colors and start pulling this from the shadows into the upper part of legs and arms. I then wanted a highlight – first I thought on using VMC Golden Olive, but that did not seem right. So, choose to add white to VMC US Olive Drab and use this for the highlights on arms and legs. For the vest I mixed AP Oak Brown with VMC Golden Olive and put a thinned layer on it. Then I thinned the Golden Olive and put that on top. I add also some white to it and start highlighting. Then my plan is to tone it drown with a (thinned) brown wash: AP Soft Tone. Finally I brush it up a little with an ivory white (Citadel Tyrant Skull) The helmet and straps I paint with the dark grey VMC Dark Sea Green. Base: superglue some natural gravel (the sandy dust) and then I paint it with a thinned VMC Wood Grain. while still wet, I use a thinned mix of Wood Grain and VMC Natural Wood Grain and put some blotches here and there.

That looks really neat: Kashyyk the wood planet and all the items just fit

Pilots: These one will get orange jumpsuits. First I cover the pants and shirts and the middle of the vest in VMC Amaranth Red. I go into the shadows and cracks with a 1.1 mix of VMC Cavalry Brown and VMC Amaranth Red. Then for highlights a mix Citadel Fire Dragon Bright with a little Amaranth Red and paint from the middle of the arm to the top and also upwards along all edges. Then I take pure Citadel Fire Dragon Bright on the top highlights. The vest, boots and bags on the thighs I paint plain Citadel Abbadon Black (any black). This I dry brush with an Citadel Tyrant Skull (creamy white). Base: I use Superglue and drizzle baking powder on it. Then I take VMC Thinner and VMC Blue Grey Pale (1:1) and cover it with this color. I dry brush VMC Sky Grey (almost not noticeable), then VMC Pale Blue (much better) – the coolness due to the blue makes it really good.

Defend the base by all means! An the left and right you see guys from the 2nd half of the „Base Squad“

And this concludes the Rebels of Star Wars Rebellion. And actually this project, but I have yet to write up the painting guide of the long finished Imperial Army.

List of used Colors

Please use this just as a reference – I usually pick the colors that I have and start mixing them. Do this too, to learn. For example in this list I have different blues… – well one is enough and then variate it using white to make it brighter or black to darken it (or brown for „warmer“ darken it). Same for grey – get a dark one like VMC Dark Sea Green and light it up with white or VMC Flat Yellow (for a warmer grey).

The number of colors is pretty high, but I was really experimting a lot also to get a variation into my minis (4 different color schemes on the rebel soldiers only and each one having it’s almost unique set of colors)

  • Citadel Nuln Oil
  • VMC Cold White
  • Citadel Contrast Skeleton Horde (or Citadel Seraphim Sepia)
  • Citadel Contrast Aggaros Dunes (or a brown wash)
  • VMC US Olive Drab
  • VMC Golden Olive (olive with yellow)
  • Citadel XV-88 (medium brown)
  • VMC Flat Yellow
  • Citadel Caledor Sky (bright blue)
  • Citadel Contrast Wyld Wood (or a dark brown wash)
  • Citadel Contrast Space Wolves Grey (or use Nuln Oil)
  • VMC Dark Sea Green / Citadel Eshin Grey (dark grey)
  • Citadel Dawnstone (medium dark grey)
  • VMC Grey Pale (optional)
  • VMC Sky Grey (light grey)
  • Citadel Contrast Black Templar (or just any black)
  • Citadel Kislev Flesh
  • Citadel Cadian Fleshtone
  • Reaper Rosy Highlight
  • AP Soft Tone (light brown wash)
  • AP Leather Brown
  • AP Oak Brown (a dark brown)
  • Citadel Contrast Snakebite Leather
  • Citadel Shade Drakenhof Nightshade
  • Citadel Contrast Black Templar
  • Reaper Ritterlich Blue (dark blue)
  • Reaper Cyan Blue (bright blue, alternative: Citadel Caledor Sky, or just use white to the dark blue you used)
  • Citadel Tyrant Skull (or any (off)white)
  • VMC US Olive Drab (or mix green with brown)
  • VMC Golden Olive

VMC : Vallejo Model Color, AP : Army Painter

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